What is Saxum YPS

Saxum Young Professionals (Saxum YPS) is a unique global community of influential young professionals (aged 22 to 35) who are committed to discovering and  sharing in their heritage, the Holy Land.  


Saxum YPS cultivates the Christian message of work, love and peace. Our programs enhance the unity of professional, personal, and spiritual life.  Saxum YPS encourages young adults to recognize the importance of their Holy Land inheritance along with its associated responsibilities, early on in their pilgrimage of life.  Saxum YPS fosters a future of hope!

What We Do

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  • Saxum YPS Global Network

    • Global exchange of like-minded young adults via private online platform

    • Access to “Come and See” Series

    • Quarterly Saxum YPS Newsletter relating the Holy Land today

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  • Saxum YPS “Come and See” Series  

    • Intellectually stimulating online professional, personal and spiritual development seminars with international leaders.

    • Series I:  What is Sanctity?  Holiness in the Judeo-Christian Heritage.

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A Journey in God’s chosen land, the Holy Land. Professional and spiritual life become fully intertwined as the "Cornerstone" Journey participants immerse themselves in the land of God’s Covenants, while also meeting innovative and influential business and professional leaders from around the world.


Upon returning from the YPS HL Journey, participants continue to learn and engage through the YPS Forum. Through YPS Forum enrichment opportunities, YPS HL Journey participants inspire their colleagues, friends and family, while sharing the message of hope.

What We Offer

  • Intellectual Development:  Come and See Series

  • Professional and Personal Enrichment:  Week-long global professional seminar, continuing web-forums and seminars

  • Global Professional Networking: In-person global seminar and local Networking socials

  • Cultural Interchange: Israel experience with global participants

  • Spiritual Development: Through Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church


Why Is It Worth It?

Professional Distinction: YPS is led by global business professionals and leaders, Biblical scholars, and accomplished Archaeologists.


Global Support: Prominent Holy Land Visitor’s Center (Saxum); Israeli Minister of Tourism; various Global Foundations; renown Theologians and Professors; Influential global business executives.

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